LEAMAI Inflatable Medical Neck Cervical Traction Device


  • Relief of Neck and Upper Back Pain
  • Portable Home Use Cervical Vertebra Tractor

LEAMAI Inflatable Medical Neck Cervical Traction Device Relief Neck and Upper Back Pain Portable Home Use Cervical Vertebra Tractor


LEAMAI has been working on cervical collar for years. We keep improving our product to provide patients’ the best service. This product can help people relief the pain and pressure on neck and shoulder effectively. The material was carefully selected by us, so that the product can reach the best effect and the customers can feel more comfortable.

To recover the curvature to pull apart the interspace of centrum for the purpose of allaying the compression, thus eliminating the symptom.
Fast neck pain relief – Without medication from stress and pressure of neck pain, shoulder pain, strains, whiplash, tension, head & cervical vertebral area.
Powerful traction via hand pump to release neck muscles and pinched nerves, to stretch cervical vertebrae, more traction, and more strength.
Restores and Maintains Physiological Cervical Curve; At the same time, it stretches your stiff muscles around the neck and shoulders.
Different from drug treatment and surgical treatment, this neck brace cervical tractor is based on physical therapy, without any harm to the body.
It also helps to improve the blood supply for vertebral artery and brain.

Outside material: PU
Inside material: Advanced textile cotton
Advanced textile cotton: TPU
Neck support part: PVC
Color: Dark Blue, White, Red, Pink (Optional)
Flat size: 47*22±3cm (18.5*8.7±1.2inch)
After aerate: 47*24±3cm (18.5*9.4±1.2inch)
Package size: 22*17.5*19cm/8.6*6.8*7.5inch
Package weight: 444g/15.6oz

1.Do not wear it too long for the first week.
2.It is not suitable for wearing it when sleep, or it may cause bad blood circulation.

Package list:
1 x Cervical vertebra tractor
1 x Latex Ball
1 x Use manual



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