Nutri Care Bio Chlorophyll


Chlorophyll is rich with minerals and a great  source for vitamin  K.


The Chlorophyll is the green pigment of a plant’s leaves, with this pigment the plant assimilates the carbon dioxide from the air (photosynthesis). This process contributes the plant’s development and “breathing”. As a supplement, the chlorophyll is rich with minerals. The  chlorophyll  is a great source for vitamin K. The  chlorophyll  molecule is similar in its chemical structure to the hemoglobin molecule, this similarity allows a faster  construction ability of the hemoglobin molecule.


  • Especially  concentrated – a  daily  dosage  of  10  ml  provides  100  mg  chlorophyll.
  • Fresh  mint  flavor.


Ingredients: Chlorophyllin  copper  sodium, mint  oil, potassium  sorbate (as  a  preservative), filtered  water, veggie  glycerin.


Serving  size (10  ml).


Contents: Chlorophyllin  copper  sodium (chlorophyll) – 100  mg.


Suggested  usage: 10  ml  a  day. It  is  possible  to  dilute  in  glass  of  juice  or  water. Shake  well  before  each  use.

Size: 300  ml.




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