tevaly.org is an American company established in 2018

for the manufacture, sales and marketing of israeli product,Our goal is to provide our

customers worldwide with leading israeli brand names product in Israel. We offer only

the highest quality products at the most attractive prices. We keep our prices low by

shipping the products directly from Israel.

Management offices and Customer Service are located Tel Aviv

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Our website was established in 2020 and offers more than 300 items relevant to Israel.

Our goal is to enable clients to enjoy one-stop shopping for everything. We work with the

largest manufacturers in Israel in order to supply our customers with the finest quality

vitamins and cosmetics We purchase

large quantities so that we can offer you substantial price reductions.

Dead Sea Products
we can supply you with the best of the Dead Sea Products,
we offer a variety of products from leading firms such as:

Mineral Care
Health and Beauty
Natural sea
Sea of spaMersea


Nutri  care  is  our  home  brand  and  the  object  of  our  pride. The  first  product  of  Nutri  care  have  been  placed  of  the  shelf  on  1996. As  years  went  by, a  lot  of  products  have  been  added  to  this  trademark, in  about 15  different  and  varied  categories.

Some  of  Nutri  care’s  products  are  imported  from  around  the  world (mostly  from  USA) and  some  of  them  are  produced  in  Israel. All  of  the  products  are  produced  under  the  most  strict  quality  administration  and  production  standards  of  GMP (Good  manufacturing  Practice) and  ISO (International  Standards  Organization).

Nutri  care’s  products, about  130  products, are  based  on  science  and  their  activity  is  supported  by  articles  and  researches. A  big  part  of  them  is  unique  and  creative, with  no  competitors  in  the  market.

The  nutritional  supplements  branch, including  Nutri  care, was  recently  found  under  the  widely  open  eye  of  the  “Big  Brother”. The  regulation  in  the  state  of  Israel  has  increased  its  activity  and  has  placed  her  hand  on  the  entire  branch. We  are  all  required  now  to  be  strict  for  minor  or  serious, mostly  on  the  same  prohibition, that  says: “No  man  will  ever  attribute  in  any  kind  of  advertising  way, a  healing  feature  of  a  nutritional  necessity, whether  if  it  contains  vitamins  or  minerals  and  whether  it  does  not  contain  vitamins  or  minerals, he  shall  not  advertise  that  its  consumption  by  a  person, might  heal  or  prevent  any  kind  of  disease”.

Therefore, the  website  contains  only  technical  information  about  each  product  and  product  and  lots  of  general  and  professional  information, which  you  can  be  helped  with  and  find  a  great  benefit  in  it