Nutri Care – Dried Spanish Saffron Extract – 60 Capsules – Allows High Blood Levels



Saffron Spanish dose increased to 40 mg capsule delayed release. Absorption of Saffron is very fast so to get a lasting effect we have developed the Saffron capsules ER formulations that allow higher levels in the blood longer term.


The use of Saffron in Spain is due to the high quality and quantity of active ingredients The high it contains, among them: kerosene pyrocrossine and Saffron. The Saffron is a spice extracted from the scars (the female genitalia of the flower) of the cultured turmeric flower and has been known for thousands of years and originated in Southwest Asia. Since each flower has only three scars, hundreds of thousands of flowers are required to produce a pound of Saffron, when the process is produced manually. In cooking, some of the active ingredients in the Saffron are destroyed, which leaves flavor but saves the Saffron’s therapeutic properties.


The active ingredients in Saffron:


  • Crocin – A water-soluble crotonoid compound that gives the flower its color.
  • Picrocrocin that gives the flower its flavor.
  • Safranal A compound that gives the flower its fragrance.


Capsule content:


Component Quantity
Dried saffron extract 40 mg


Instructions for use: 1-2 capsules a day.


Contents: 60 capsules on a delayed release


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