Nutri Care Yemenite Gum Extract


The Frankincense is also a source of rubber and aromatic seraph which gush from underneath the bark tree, which is originated in India. This is a delicate plant that has a long termed influence.


The Frankincense is a green shrub of the Anacardiaceae family, and it is mostly popular in the Mediterranean basin. This plant has a strong aromatic seraph, which is being used in the folk medicine of the middle east and in ancient Greece.


Ingredients: Frankincense (Pistacia  lentiscus), Boswellia  serrata.

Suggested  usage: Dilute  25-35  drops  in  half  glass  of  water  and  drink  3  times  a  day, better  before  a  meal.

Shake  well  before  the  use.

Size: 50  ml


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