Nutri Care Probiotic 25 Billion


Probiotic is an including name for the “good” bacteria that are found in the human intestine. There are about 400 bacteria species that are usually found in the human intestine. On average, an adult man carries about 3 kg of intestinal bacterial flora. The consumption of probiotic friendly bacteria is important for creating balance between them and between pathogenic bacteria, the disease causing bacteria.


This unique formula contains an especially high amount of probiotic bacteria (25 billion) from 10 different species. With an addition of FOS, which is used as a vital base for the prosperity and enrooting of the friendly bacteria.


1  Capsule  of  probiotic  25B  contains:

The  ingredient

Amount  per  serving

L. lactobacillus  acidophilus

2.5  billion

L. rhamnosus

2.5  billion

L. plantarum

2.5  billion

L. casei

2.5  billion

L. bulgaricus

2.5  billion

L. salivarius

2.5  billion

L. lactis

2.5  billion

B. bifidum

2.5  billion

B. breva

2.5  billion

B. longum

2.5  billion

FOS (Fructooligosaccharide)

150  mg

Suggested  usage: 1  Capsule  a  day, better  with  a  meal  or  next  to  a  meal.

Information  about  allergens: Might  contain  dairy.

Size: 30 Vcaps.


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